The Frenemies break down the Harden and Giannis beef. 

Who's right? Who's more skilled? 

and more Western Conference talk. 

The Frenemies give their breakdown of the 3 PT Contest, Dunk Contest and the All-Star Game. 

Are Lakers better than the Clippers? 

What teams are challenging the Los Angeles teams?

Can Mavs make it past 1st round?

Whats up with Kyrie? 

Jason Tatum ascension

and briefly talk about Celebration of Life Kobe and Gianna. 

The Frenemies discuss the major trades of the NBA 2020. 

Rockets new small ball game plan and does it make them a better team for this year. 

All Star team and weekend predictions. 

  • The Frenemies give their Superbowl and it's commercial ratings.
  • Who's better, Mr. World Wide or J Balvin?
  • Unwritten rules of the NBA when up 20
  • All-Star reserves.
  • NBA Trade Week discussion. 
January 27, 2020

Forever Mamba Mentality!

The Frenemies share their emotions and thoughts on Kobe Bryant, Gianna and the other passengers tragic death. It starts off emotional, but ends the way Kobe would want us to end it. Mamba Mentality. Always and forever. 

The Frenemies go over their take on recent NBA story lines

Delonte West being homeless.

Kyrie Irving and his recent antics.

Damian Lillard and his 61 point game.

Anticipating Zions first game. 

Lakers update.

Mavs update.

All Star Starter Predictions. 


The Frenemies realized they could squeeze in one more episode before the new year so they did a 2010 Decade Review Part 2. 

Topics covered: 

  • Teams of the Decade: East and West
  • Plays of the Decade
  • Retirements 
  • Cheater of the Decade
  • Biggest Bust
  • Game of the Decade
  • Best Beef
  • Surprise and much more.

The full squad is back for the last episode of 2010 decade. 

  • They go over recent Lakers losses
  • Mavs up and down games after Luka's injury
  • Battle of LA
  • 2010 Decade Recap

A long pod for the die hard hoop heads. We loved recording this one, hope you guys like it too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Frenemy story of the week: Met Luka's Mom at The Hanger AAC (4:00)

Luka's Inury and Mavs tough stretch (16:00)

Quick Shout out to Miami Heat (36:00)

Lakers Talk (39:00)

Early Trade discussions (52:10)

Trae Young's emotional out burst (1:01:10)

Do Spurs need to blow it up? (1:05:00)

The Frenemies discuss:

(14:00) The Lakers vs Mavericks game.  

(31:00) Top 5 Eastern/Western Conference team.

(43:20) Player of the week discussion. 

(50:20) Do you like Plus Minus advanced stats?

(54:00) Shout out to Toronto Raptors.

(59:00) Shaking up schedule, conferences and all star selections.

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