Did the Lakers win or the Mavs lose the game? Are the Miami Heat a good team? Did Ben Simmons put KAT on a choke hold? The Frenemies discuss that and react to the latest NBA News.  

The Frenemies talk about the LA Teams. Are the Clippers the the best team in LA? They love the Mavs hot start. Luka and KP are the real deal folks. And they touch on the rest of the key stories in the NBA. 

The Frenemies discuss Zions injury, all of the recent contract extensions and Lebron's comment on Daryl Morey's tweet. They also give their prediction on Lakers vs Clippers and Pelicans vs Raptors. Thanks for tuning in!

The Dynamic Duo of The Frenemies make their picks on Coach of the Year, 6th Man of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year and finally, the Most Valuable Player of the year. They also react to Zion's preseason performance and make a player comparison who Zion might play like. Thanks for tuning in for another episode. 


P.S. Yes we skipped Episode 16. We jumped to 17 to match up with the number of pods we have released, including the intro pod. Thank you!

The whole band is back together for a fun episode. Some stories about Mehedi's trip to NY, jokes about what a "clout" is and preparation for the NBA season to begin. Thanks for listening to another episode of The Frenemies Podcast.

The Frenemies cover NBA Media Day for Mavs, Lakers, Clippers and few other teams. Also, they give their take on Bleacher Reports top 50 all time player list and few NFL topics. Thanks for listening! 

Mehedi and Sayed share stories about the best pick up player they have ever played with/against and they do a small preview of the Dallas Mavericks 2019-2020 season. 

The Frenemies react to week 1 of the NFL games and react to some recent NBA news. 

What up hoop-heads! The Frenemies are back with a special tribute episode. An episode to celebrate Mamba Day, 8/24. Mehedi, Sammy and Sayed go through the 4 stages of Kobe's career. Kobe with Shaq, Kobe with Smush, Kobe with Paul and Kobe with Injuries. And lastly, the best walk-off career ending game ever! And of course, the Frenemies do it their style by have fun and making dumb jokes. Thanks for tuning in for another episode. 

 What's up fellow Frenemies! Your hosts Sayed, Sammy and Mehedi is joined by Sammy's lil brother Samin and Emu, a great friend of the pod. We talk about the generation gap, childhood and their favorite NBA players. It get's a little heated so you have been warned. Nevertheless, it's always fun with the Frenemies so thanks for tuning in and listening to another episode. 

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